Thursday, March 17, 2016

flying over Africa

Finally! Time for my latest trip's posts! As I've mentioned before, work sometimes takes me to places. But this has got to be the time where I've been taken the furthest and most different! Malawi!

It was one hell of a long trip. About 40 hours (Mexico City) door to (Lilongwe) door. But I must say, the many hours spent flying were worth it, especially once in Africa! And so, here's a post just with photos from that flight. I guess they may not be that fantastic (after all, they were taken from a plane with a smartphone), but it was such an incredible feeling of adventure flying over a region I had never seen before. I've been to Egypt, but to Sub-Saharan Africa? Never! 


So, first, the flight into Kenya from Amsterdam. We caught the sunset!

And afterwards? the flight from Nairobi to Lilongwe, which allowed me fantastic views of... Mount Kilimanjaro! I was so not expecting that! But then I looked out the window, saw the mountains, rushed to grab the in-flight magazine and check our route... and yes! that's what it was! Kilimanjaro! Too awesome. Too awesome. 


After Kilimanjaro we entered Tanzania. I don't know, it was just super cool to know I was flying over it. And something inside me starting wondering if maybe I could give it a shot at living in Africa for a couple of years... You know, to get a taste of this radically different and imposing part of our planet?


And finally we entered Malawi, as you can tell by huge Lake Malawi down there, running almost the whole length of the country. And on top of that? Some incredible cloud formations! Loved it!

And as we got closer, the ridiculous lushness of Malawi became evident. Impossibly and beautifully green! But then I also noticed something - dirt roads, aluminum and thatched roofs... Sure, it looked "pretty"? "quaint"? But it reminded me I was flying into the world's poorest country (or one of the five poorest, depending on how you measure).

This was one eye-opening trip. And at least a couple more posts will follow.

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