Sunday, March 20, 2016

flying over Africa II

Before I move on to the posts about my Amsterdam layover between Malawi and Mexico, I wanted to share some more flight photos! 

You see, first, instead of flying straight up north towards Nairobi, my flight went south for about an hour to Blantyre, Malawi's commercial hub. This gave me the chance to actually see Lilongwe from the air. The city has 1.6 million people, so it is not that small after all!

And then, the approach to Blantyre (and the subsequent flight back up north) showed me more of the exuberant, excessive, beautiful green of this country:

But the best was that I finally had a gorgeous look at Lake Malawi! The weather was perfect, so was the light. It's such a shame I didn't have time to visit it. But at the very least I can say I had a good look at it from the air! I think they also call it the Calendar Lake, because it is some 365 miles (587km) long.

And with that (and some thick cloud cover) I bade farewell to Malawi.

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