Friday, March 25, 2016

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So, remember I had (sacrilegiously?) chosen the Stedelijk over both the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum? Well, this turned out to be the right decision for me. First, the museum from the outside was pretty curious! Some people make fun of it saying it's just a bathtub. But I liked its simple lines and white colour, actually.

Once inside, what was the first thing I saw? A wall painted by Karel Appel! The first time I saw this Dutch artist was in Montreal (I wrote about it in my post 40 à Montréal - l'art), and I had really liked the one painting of him I saw there. And now I had the chance to see this, the moment I walked in!

Plus a few other art pieces by him, like these. What is it about him that I like, I can't explain. But I really do.

And then, another surprise, a jar by Picasso! I had never seen one! Very nice.

Another interesting Dutch artist I saw was Matthijs Maris, who used to paint in several layers, with loose paint, so the final piece would have a misty, ethereal quality to it. Beautiful.

Of course, there had to be a visual-aural installation too, right? "And You Were Wonderful, On Stage", by Cally Spooner. It's a bit complex to describe. There were some 5-6 big screens in this room, and you are shown what is a mix between a promo, a musical, a rehearsal... from many different angles, at the same time, sometimes focusing on single details, sometimes with the source of sound (say, an opera singer) being heard but not shown due to the angle shot. Very interesting. And you sat on these stools with wheels, so you could move around and focus on whatever screen you wanted. Very curious indeed. Enough for me to sit a whole performance!

Finally, a special exhibition of Isa Genzken's art: "Mach dich Hübsch!" A pretty big exhibit, a a long retrospective of this German artist. And what a rich retrospective! This woman tried so many things, so many materials and styles! I loved it just for the obvious happy abandon she must have had to produce such diverse art work.

By then, I was starving, so I went for the typical Dutch sandwiches. When in Rome...

Before I left, I visited another wing and another exhibit, "My gallery is the world now". An interesting collection of clothes, headdresses, books... but I was already too tired to appreciate it. But the electric stairs back up were encased in this long, white tube, and that was a nice ride. 

So, like I said, glad I chose the Stedelijk! 

Just one more post and I'm done with this Malawi-Netherlands series!

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