Thursday, March 31, 2016

Central Africa in Mexico City

Unless you're planning a visit to the Musée du quai Branly in paris in the near future, and you are in Mexico City, head to the Museo Nacional de Antropología right now (or anytime between immediately and Sunday April 3rd) for this amazing exhibition on Central African art: "Río Congo". 

Honestly, chances are you'll never have the chance of seeing something similar in Mexico again in the near future. The exhibition is huge. It's got gorgeous masks, statues, musical instruments, weapons... Though by now i wouldn't expect anyone to still cling to the racist and ignorant idea that all African cultures are similar, being able to see this sample of just a section of the continent is a fantastic reminder of the richness and diversity present.

Plus, once you enjoy this outstanding exhibition (and really, I guarantee you'll find plenty of pieces among the 300+ there that you'll irremediably fall in love with)... 

... you can head for the nearby Restaurante Tamayo and have not just great food, but a Mexican oak aged bourbon stout! Wow! 

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