Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Butoh – Languid Bodies

As you know (or should know), my habib has been doing Butoh for the last 6 years or so. Most of the time I've seen him improvise in different particularly beautiful or striking places where we've travelled. On those occasions, there is usually no context for me – whatever music there is, my habib hears it through earphones; all there is is him, the natural setting, and me and my camera. He has a very intimate, personal experience, and I'm just a witness – I interpret what my mind will allow, with no further cues. Of course, Butoh being what it is, that's perfectly fine and expected.

But a couple of times I've also seen my habibi do a full performance he's prepared during months, a performance that includes music for the spectator, that includes video, that includes poetry. There and then, my habib transforms in a way I rarely get to see, becomes something else – separate, new, enthralling... 

Saturday was the performance of Cuerpos Lánguidos (Languid Bodies). The second creation he's presented in Mexico. For the lucky 70 odd souls in the theatre (including good old friends), there was no way not to be moved. Some to tears. Some into unexpected tension. Some into fascination. All in our own very personal ways. 

I myself feel – as usual when it comes to his performance art – rather inadequate to try to explain what I saw, but you can have a look at the piece's website by clicking here. By the way, the photo at the top is by Omar Ramírez Casas (you can see more of his videos here), who also produced the video used during the performance.

I'm one very lucky man indeed.

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