Saturday, February 20, 2016

the Lebanese and Mexico

So, once in a while nostalgia for Lebanon strikes, right? So a couple of weeks ago this was our recipe to re-Lebanize ourselves a bit:

1. Visit Al Andalús, one of the city's best Lebanese (and, as far as I know, Jewish-Lebanese) restaurants, in the historic core of the city. A single plate of mezze (appetizers) will, not surprisingly, sate your thirst for al balad (the country; that is, Lebanon).

Finish that off with a few cups of the thickest, strongest Turkish coffee. And sweets. 

2. Enjoy the rainbow from the restaurant's courtyard.

3. Head to the Maronite cathedral not far from there and relish all the Lebanese names. Saint Charbel, Saint Rifka... 

4. Don't fail to notice the tacos al pastor in the neighbourhood, a legacy of Lebanese immigration (though fully assimilated - pork!). Any similarity with shawarma is most definitely NO coincidence.

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