Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Museo Nacional de Antropología

In my opinion, one of Mexico City's most beautiful, most interesting, most fascinating museums   – the Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Museum of Anthropology).

With a fantastic fountain by the entrance, which we caught just at the right time with the sun's rays... 

With gardens containing ruins and local flora...

An unfathomable wealth of artifacts from any number of cultures, like the Toltec and the Teotihuacan ones, so ancient and so advanced that, long after they were gone, they were the inspiration of many others, including the Aztec.

And you can't see the reconstructed temple within the museum, to the right of the towers in the distance, but the colours, the shape, the details on top... A curious coincidence, or the influence on the 20th century of what must have seemed the wildest, most bizarre world the Spaniards encountered when they arrived?

And with the night setting in, the museum lighting up...

Or a surprise exhibit, with both a mural with women from various races, another "mural" with superimposed photos of faces and skulls of various races too, and, not too far, a delightfully detailed reproduction of Lucy, our beloved ancestor (no pic, sorry).

And upstairs? A hall dedicated to the peoples of the Great Nayar, in the north of Mexico, for example. And a taste of how incredibly divergent cultures from various parts of Mexico can be.

And finally, a nocturnal view of the fountain, again.

If you need a reminder of the crazy diversity, richness and diverse aesthetics of this nation's past, in a beautiful setting, you can't miss this museum. Which we were lucky to enjoy with marvellous company from Lebanon and Spain.

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