Thursday, February 11, 2016

march against... fabulousness?

Mid-January we happened upon a strange march. I had heard about it being organized, but I didn't know when it was going to take place, or where. And suddenly, while having a relaxed walk on Paseo de la Reforma, we spotted it: a march to claim respect for LGBTQ citizens. Now, why "strange"? Well, there's a much, much bigger one that has traditionally taken place, for over 3 decades, in the summer. So what set this one apart, besides the much reduced attendance?

As per the founder of this movement, when LGBTQ people "exhibit themselves" (an example a bit further on will sort of exemplify what he means) they bring violence upon themselves. So, he wants to create a movement of "citizens, just like you" to show LGBTQ people dress and behave "normal", "respect society", and therefore deserve respect too. The enlightening example? mentioned by the founder of this movement? Women who wear mini-skirts while also fighting against violence against women - if they use mini-skirts, they don't respect themselves and they bring violence upon themselves. That is, women who don't dress "modestly" are simply "asking for it" (violence).

Here's a photo of those marching for what basically translates as respect and tolerance just for those who conform to mainstream gender expectations.

Fortunately, there was a mini-demonstration against this ridiculous justification of violence against non-conforming LGBTQ people. You can imagine the whole concept, plus the example of how women end up at the receiving end of violence because they ask for it by not dressing properly, does little to ingratiate to anybody with some awareness.

And then, this: it was impossible to tell whether this was also a demonstrator against the march for internalized LGBTQphobia, or whether ze was actually part of the march and blissfully unaware of what the march was really about. 

It beats me why the approach of this group is to seek acceptance not out of respect of diversity and humanness, but out of obeisance to mainstream straight society's demands on what is and is not permissible to LGBTQ people attitude- and dress-wise. I'm glad that, at least, this was a pretty small demonstration - hopefully a sign of an overall lack of support. 

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