Saturday, February 27, 2016

La Nana 10th anniversary

Last weekend we went to the 10th anniversary celebration of an alternative art space not far from where we are - La Nana. Honouring it's non-conventional nature, it began with an indigenous ceremony. 

I'm still unsure of how to interpret these indigenous rituals. On one hand, my knowledge (which could very well be flawed) tells me that many original elements were lost during the brutal repression and elimination of the ruling classes and of most cultural manifestations related to what the Spaniards viewed as "devil inspired". But then again, how to know how much knowledge was indeed passed on secretly? And even if this was more of a creative revival instead of a faithful reconstruction, does it matter if the intent is pride in one's roots? All interesting questions...

And afterwards, an artist we enjoy seeing perform beautiful and diverse vocalizations, Juan Pablo Villa, along with a poet - Mardonio Carballo -  who performs in both Nahuatl and Spanish. Nice.

Curious about what other things we'll see at La Nana now that it has entered our mental map!

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