Friday, February 26, 2016

Coffine Gurunaru

Did I mention South Koreans take coffee drinking very seriously? I'm dead serious, some of the best coffee I've had has been in Seoul! So, I finally decided to go for a cuppa at Coffine Gurunaru, a Korean chain in Zona Rosa.

First of all, and something I appreciate greatly, their espresso has no acidity! Yay! Why does this matter? 1. I extremely dislike acidity in my coffee. 2. It would seem people in Mexico City love acidity in their coffee. Oy.

And then? The place remains true to its origins, with an interesting look and... unusual English, the like of which we used to encounter back in Asia all the time! "Make your body and your mind upgrade"? "A resting place for you"? Yes!

I'll probably be back. I think I even like that their pastry tastes to me like the Korean ones I had back in China!

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