Thursday, January 07, 2016

traditional Japanese followed by eclectic Mexican

So, what happened after our visit to the Mercado de Jamaica? Well, first of all, we were starving, and in no mood to cook. And guess what lied just on our way back home from the market? EN! Remember that home-style Japanese restaurant I wrote about in November? Well, it was the perfect place for a nice, homey, relaxed lunch!

We just had a simple bowl of ume udon, which is udon with a plum. And seaweed, and some greens, and not much more. And it was so delicious! Really, these people know how to make one mean bowl of udon. So lucky to have this place just around the corner!

And with that, we were ready to prepare dinner with all the goodies from the market and with the help of a good friend of ours (who also cooks amazing and makes incredible tarts). We were welcoming our friends from Spain and Lebanon, remember? So we wanted this to be memorable, and unique, and very local!

So we had ranch cheese, charales, chapulines with guacamole (you might want to refer to my previous post for a quick explanation of some of these words), and a salad with squash blossom (flor de calabaza), avocado, cacti (nopales), and a touch of jalapeño peppers. Then, as the main dish, romeros (seepweed with mole, shrimp, and shrimp patties). For dessert: our friend's fig, raspberry and blackberry tart. Some red wine and Oaxaca mezcal made sure everything went down smoothly. 

If you'll allow me, our friends loved it! Plus, the furniture we were eating on was made by one of them when we lived in Lebanon! Followed by a night walk around the historic centre, this was one beautiful winter day.

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