Wednesday, January 06, 2016

the Jamaica market

I'm just back from an amazing trip in the state of Oaxaca. I'm still working on the photos, but posts should follow soon! But I'm afraid I must do my homework and post a couple of entries first, which took place before that trip, like this visit to the fascinating Mercado de Jamaica (Jamaica market)!

We have some dear friends from Spain and Lebanon visiting, and with the help of a friend of ours who is a fantastic chef, we decided to make a very special and very Mexican dinner for them. Which implied going to this market for some of the stuff. I had never visited this market, one of Mexico City's more traditional ones, so this was very exciting for me! 

Unsurprisingly, the moment you enter there is a feast of colours, especially since a number of piñatas, an essential holiday item, were everywhere. 

Then all the gorgeous fresh veggies, including seepweed, one of three main ingredients for a traditional Christmas and New Year's Eve dish here in Mexico City: romeritos!

Countless kinds of chili peppers...

As well as mole (a sort of thick, rich Mexican sauce) paste of all sorts and shrimp, the other two ingredients for romeritos.

The market is known for its flower section, which is huge and bursting with flowers!

Finally, what's dinner without some interesting snacks like chapulines (a kind of Mexican cricket), sea shrimp and fried charales (a tiny fish almost exclusive to some Mexican lakes)?

You should never ever pass up the opportunity to visit a Mexican market, if you can. Although there's always the sad truth that these people, while selling such precious items as fruit, veggies, sauces and whatnot which in developed countries are incredibly expensive, must sell them cheap here, because otherwise they would be unaffordable for a great many Mexican families, and thus remain stuck with a low income. Sigh.

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