Friday, January 22, 2016

Guidxi Binnizá – the little cross

Now, this is a post from our last stop in our trip La Crucecita (the little cross) in Huatulco. Frankly, we had no real intention of spending the night here, but we worried that, if we took the bus from Juchitán the same day of our flight, it could break down and we could miss our flight. So, we opted for the safer, though less exciting option of spending one night less in Juchitán.

It wasn't bad, though. For starters, a short walk around our hotel led us near some jungle, where the rustling of leaves up in the trees was not the work of a bird, but of a huge, majestic iguana! Isn't it beautiful to see one of these animals alive and kicking, instead of in a bowl of soup? 

Not far from there, this tree with crazy red fruit. No idea what it was. But it was damn pretty!

We also visited the main square, with a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and with very peculiar, kitschy murals. I guess the artist liked his angels muscly and zaftig, eh?

But right outside the really unremarkable church some women were selling seeds of all sorts - fruit, vegetables, cereals, flowers, spices... It was fascinating looking at how the seeds of different things looked like! And nearby, a woman selling local crafts - and my future beard comb! Isn't it great?

I couldn't help taking a snapshot of some religious offering attached to a car right above its licence plate:

Finally, a walk to the nearby beach for sunset. I enjoyed the setting, with the hills around us, the cliffs, the rocks, and the soft, orange-pink sunset. 

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