Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guidxi Binnizá - beach of crabs

We're almost there! These are the last two posts! I've saved the best for last, OK? First, Playa Cangrejo (I know I've translated it as Beach of Crabs, but Crab Beach just doesn't sound nice in my opinion). We visited on December 31st because traditionally, people in this area go to bodies of water on January 1st. Which means it can get incredibly crowded, and you might have to drive for hours in traffic. It being December 31st, we pretty much had the place to ourselves after a leisurely drive with beautiful views of the countryside....

Once we got there, the habibi and our friends got ready to just sit down and eat, or lie in a hammock and enjoy some peace. Me, I was itching to move! I had spent too many hours sitting down at meals, celebrations, cars... and the weather was perfect - the wind was blowing, it was early, and so it didn't feel too hot.

I grabbed my camera, and told everybody I'd be back, eventually, after a walk on the beach. With no mobile signal there, it was  nice to simply disconnect and enjoy a walk by myself in nature!

Parallel to the beach there was a lagoon system...

And the beach was full of surprises, like jutting tree trunks, the odd fishing net, lots of birds and even a big group of them feeding by the water!

About halfway through, I came across another lagoon, with gorgeous views of the hills, some cattle, birds...

Further on there were more nets, birds, fishermen...

At the end of my walk, the wind was blowing white sand across brown sand, creating beautiful moving patterns. Of course, I couldn't capture that with my camera. 

I jogged all the way back to my people - I felt so invigorated! In fact, after I explained what I had found, the habibi decided he wanted to go have a look too! But by then (I had been away some 3 hours?) the skies had cleared and the sun was shining really strong, so I actually had to put on my trousers and a t-shirt (my previous walk I had worn just a swimming trunk and nothing else), 'cause I was sure I'd toast myself to a crisp if I didn't, sunblock and all.

Anyhow, it was a lovely walk back to the last lagoon I had visited. 

And, once there - and after a very painful run on scorching sand - the habibi decided to explore one of the sides of the lagoon. So glad we did! The views changed completely! It was just so unbelievably pretty! And not a soul in sight!

And then, as on many occasions, inspiration struck and my habibi decided to do a Butoh improvisation, and asked me to take photos and film. As usual, here are a few images, since the video is not edited yet. I must say, what a perfect place for a Butoh performance!

Finally, with everybody in high spirits thanks to the beauty of the place and to the super fresh fish they had eaten, the habibi and one of our friends had a round of capoeira on the beach. 

Oaxaca gave me plenty of experiences, but this encounter with nature definitely ranks among the top ones!

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