Saturday, December 26, 2015

to Seoul and back, day 4 and last

Yes! My final travel post of the year! Not the last trip, though, but I won't be able to write about the year's last trip until January, so.

The last part of my Korea trip involved an 11 hour layover in San Francisco. Including a beautiful approach from the air in a morning with perfect light and views of the coast, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the city. Neat!

But the best part was the people. Or, more specifically, a friend of mine I met who knows how many years ago on one of my Beijing-Mexico City trips. A person who went through all the trouble to get to the airport, rent a car, show me the coast and beautiful beaches of Half Moon Bay - btw, amazing place! just the kind of beaches I like, with bluffs, rough seas, cold air but plenty of sun... Really, really nice!

A delicious lunch of PEI mussels and some crazy daytime partying in the big city later, and grateful for having such a considerate person as a friend in San Francisco, I was finally flying back home. A very happy man. 

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