Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rio de Janeiro -o tudo!

As usual, here's a post whose sole function is to gather in a single place all my posts about one theme. In this case, our trip to Rio. It's ridiculous how much I published! But then again, it's ridiculous how fantastic that place is! BTW, there's nothing new here, it's just that, a listing of all my posts.

14th - um petisco

14th - Santa Teresa

14th – Lapa

14th - Niterói

14th - Laranjeiras, Catete, Glória

14th - Flamengo

14th - Cosme Velho

14th - Petrópolis

14th - Serra dos Órgãos

14th - Jardim Botânico

14th - Centro and Copacabana

14th - Ipanema food

14th - Ipanema Butoh

14th - Ipanema hunks

14th - Ipanema odds and ends

14th - Ipanema beach

14th - Ipanema sunsets

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