Friday, December 11, 2015

Mérida - odds and ends

This is where a bunch of stuff I didn't know where to put gets placed. Stuff I definitely wanted to mention, but didn't quite fit anyhwre. Except here!

Like this Maya-mythology-inspired mural at the governor's palace. The Maya myth goes that there were several attempts by the gods at creating people. Though the first few ones failed, the last one, which made humankind from yellow and white corn, was succesful. And so this mural portrays humandkind being born out of corn.  

We had breakfast at this very nice place on Paseo Montejo, Rosa y Xocolate. We had huevos motuleños (se my post on Merida food), agua de chaya, hot chocolate... Really nice. But the thing is, you accessed the washroom through a courtyard, which had a couple of ponds with really pretty and "hairy" flowers!

Plus, the place had a funny way of signaling which was the men's washroom and which the women's... Not every washroom focuses so specifically in your gonadal makeup instead of on your appearance, eh? Maybe not the best choice for transgendered clients... But funny nevertheless.

One fantastic thing about Merida was watching so many women wear the colourful - and I bet very fit for the city's heat - traditional hipil. Pretty cool.

Remember the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya, that museum I really didn't like? At least it gave us a funny moment. Try to guess what this sign next to the elevator means!

One day, coming back from a day-trip outside Merida, we spotted this: the house of luck. Where you could get "body purifications", "aura cleanses", "love ties", "desalogos" (whatever that means), "dispossessions" and other quackery-based services.

Finally, the very last day we spent in Merida we were at this restaurant when I spotted something that alwmost made me spit my food in a fit of laughter: cerveza Patito! Now, in Mexico City, when you want to say something is inferior quality or shoddy, you say it's "duckling brand" (marca patito). So to see that a company had the unfortunate idea of branding their beer "patito", I could barely conatin myself! Too funny! 

OK, that's it. These are all the Mérida posts. I'm sure I'm missing lots of details, but all in all - what a nice city to visit! BUT these are not all the Yucatán posts just yet, eh? There are three more posts, each about a fantastic day-trip from Mérida!

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