Wednesday, December 02, 2015

14th - Ipanema odds and ends

There's always a post like this, right? Where you put stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere, eh?

How about these orchids? On trees? Blooming in winter? On public trees, on the street, next to traffic! I mean, have you ever had orchids? They are the most delicate of things! They can almost die if you look at them too hard! And here they had been attached to trees to make the avenues prettier, and they we doing so well! Damn perfect weather!

Also, a giant hanukkiyah (a Hanukkah menorah) was not what I expected to find in a square. But there it was. Brukhim haba'im, right?

Now, you know I'm a sucker for fall red leaves. Of which I get none in Mexico City. Of course, these here were not true fall colours, but I just loved this weird tree with its red-orange leaves! It was hard to tell if this was the usual colour of the leaves, or if it was a winter thing, or what. Whichever way, it made me happy to see something other than green.

Finally, a look from Ipanema beach, at night, the last night we spent there. Just because.

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