Friday, November 13, 2015

14th - Serra dos Órgãos

So, not far from Petrópolis is one of the entrances to the national park of the Serra dos Órgãos. We had to take two different buses, and then hike a bit along a confusingly marked path, but we made it! Unfortunately, the weather had been really hot and dry, so it wasn't as verdant as we expected. Nevertheless, a walk in nature is always good and, even before getting to the entrance to the park, we got our first reward: some gigantic alien-sized cacti! Whoa! really, the size of enormous trees!

Anyhow, once inside the park (btw, the staff at the entrance were so friendly and nice to us!) there were a few more surprises, like a stretch of bamboo forest! Beautiful! The light shining through, the narrow path it created, and the sheer surprise of finding something like this!

I'm afraid we didn't saw much wildlife. Of course, comparing to the null wildlife we see in Mexico City, this was a treat! Also, animals usually come out early in the day, and this was already past noon, plus we didn't hike too deep into the park. So I guess it was good in the end. ;-)

We came across a pond, a nice spot to sit down, enjoy nature, enjoy peace... and let my habib's butoh juices flow! I love how you simply find a place and a time by pure chance, and then inspiration arrives, and then you have a butoh improv!

The place was nice, really. But the weather wasn't cooperating. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird, saying that warm and sunny weather doesn't help, but when it makes everything so dry and dusty? But pretty nevertheless.

But remember that bamboo forest at the beginning? Well, that was the perfect place for another butoh improv! This was tricky for me, as the ground was uneven and I was trying to film many different angles, all the time avoiding the odd branch and trying not to trip. I think I did a good job, though, and I love dthe setting and the improv! Looking forward to seeing the final edited video (I always dutifully hand in what I shoot, so the habib can transform my shaky, amateur shooting into something worth showing, LOL).

All in all, and for reasons we didn't expect (Butoh!) this was once exciting visit. Plus, there's an interesting feeling of being somewhere far, waiting in a super plain and rustic shed-like bus stop, with little to no civilization in sight. Very nice.