Tuesday, December 01, 2015

14th - Ipanema hunks

The moment you set foot in Ipanema you notice that this small section of planet earth has way more than its share of gorgeous people, both men and women but, in my own biased opinion, men overly so. The place is overflowing with sculpted bodies, perfect tans, harmonic features the product of racial mixing... Really, you can't imagine it, a constant encountering of hunk after hunk after hunk after hunk. 

And that was on the streets! Once you got to the beach, it just got ridiculous. I can't think of a better formula for even the most confident normal-bodied normal-featured anti-lookism person to feel at least just a bit intimidated. Really. 

Enough eye candy to last months after you leave. These pics are but a tiny, minute, random sample.

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