Wednesday, October 28, 2015

a surprisingly good UNplanned birthday

When what you had foreseen as a pretty standard and unremarkable birthday turns pretty nice thanks to the small details... 

Like my dad's traditional birthday phonecall to sing to me the extra long Mexican birthday song (Las mañanitas).

Like a surprise simple but super cool gift at work, which sets you in a better mood to go for your coffee, which turns out is free because it's your birthday, so you then spend that saved money on a rich dark chocolate cake.

Like a barrage of birthday greetings on Facebook from dear friends all over the world.

Like the habibi preparing your favourite food for lunch, with a glass of wine, and a special dessert.

Like your colleagues going the extra mile and surprising you with a very creative twist on a vegan cake (actually two!) made from typical Mexican (vegan!) snacks! 

Like going for just a couple of drinks at night, and getting a free shot of really delicious mezcal because, once again, birthday!

Like one very fun night at home - further details currently unpublishable. ;-)

Like the odd comment from the new people in this stage of your life revealing sides of you that were completely below your radar - I have a sense of humour? You have no idea how dour I perceive myself like! I'm ritualistic? I guess that pairs nicely with my rampant atheism? LOL

All in all, my mind's film of the previous year is a nice one: plenty of love, silly partying, interesting art, good food, multiple traditions, new challenges, and even some travel! Looking forward to see what this new year of life brings!

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