Thursday, July 16, 2015

more vegan at Sesame!

Last weekend we decided to give this place in the Roma Norte neighbourhood a try. We had passed by a number of times, but I'll admit I was a bit prejudiced against it, as I'm usually not too crazy about pan-anything restaurants, believing (wrongly? probably?) that no place can prepare dishes from a wide variety of places successfully. Still, for some reason (hunger?) we gave Sesame a shot.


How about a cocktail made of mezcal, amber beer and... darn, I think I've forgotten. But anyhow, this drink (Lady Boy was it called?) was particularly good. And I'm no cocktail man, by the way. 

steamed buns!

When I was a student in China (ages, ages ago), steamed buns were a regular part of my diet. Cheap, filling, why not? Then, in Toronto, a couple of times I enjoyed Vietnamese inspired sandwiches made with steamed buns. So steamed buns have a place in my heart. And what was this one filled with? Curried tofu! And how did this interesting combination play? Om nom nom.

greens are good

No, it's not simple a bunch of kale. And yes, I know, we're all tired of kale appearing in every single thing, but this bowl with kale, cashews, shiitake and tofu? Too good, and even filling!

coconut and flowers for dessert, eh?

Coconut milk. Rice. Mango. A little flower. Need I say more?

And all of this, of course, vegan! Not that the place has tons of vegan options. And it's rather on the pricey side. But very well worth it, by all means. I'll be back.

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