Wednesday, July 29, 2015

14th - Prelude

Things don't always happen as planned (HA! surprise! NOT).  Though I usually book our anniversary trips to actually coincide with our anniversary date – in fact, I often go to great lengths to see that the very day we're somewhere truly remarkable or special –, this can't always be the case. There was this one time were I had just begun work in Beijing and we had to celebrate our anniversary after it had happened, with a hurried (though very fun) trip to Shanghai. A couple other times we were a bit tight finance-wise and kept celebrations to our place of residence (that happened once in Beirut, once in Toronto).   

This time, work didn't permit travel during our anniversary, so I'm appealing to my made-up rule of treating our anniversaries like some religious feasts or like the Chinese Spring festival: as movable event, not falling on the same date each year. So, this year our anniversary just so happens to fall on a later date than usual, and that's when we'll be travelling. Have I made myself clear? ;-)

But being who I am, I couldn't help having tiny celebrations the night before and the day our anniversary would have fallen were it not for its hereby officially-declared movable nature. So one night we went to our favourite local mezcalería for some beer and mezcals and some toasts to this long adventure together. Followed by the only thing around at that late hour remotely resembling a cake – a donut! Sad? I guess, for some outsiders. For me? Unconventionally fun! 

The non-day of our anniversary (gotta find a way to call the date it should have fallen on but didn't because this year it falls on a different date... hmmm) I convinced the habibi to make a special shake for me for breakfast. I love this man's shakes, honestly, and with an added shot of espresso they're just what you need to start the day in the best of moods!

And when I came back for lunch? He had made my favourite: gnocchi in a tomato and mushroom sauce! Delish! Accompanied by a fantastic Ontario wine our buds from Canada brought on their last visit. And followed by a simple dessert: red berry sherbet with whole almonds and coconut milk! 

For me, these two counted as two separate and perfect mini-celebrations. Yeah, when it comes to that, I can be very simple. Like, very.

Since I was in too good a mood, I decided to get 14 donuts (all different kinds) to share at work. Sort of like sharing the happiness. No, I'm not donut obsessed, but the neighbourhood I work in is not known for having that many fancy options. So donuts work well - colourful, varied, and who can say no to one? I had to keep one for myself, though, as the habibi last minute decided we could use one for a later toast at home. So I guess I only shared 13? Anyhow, who's counting?

Lastly, a small ritual. The donut (a weird one nobody chose at work, with blue and silver pearls and which I myself though was very appropriate for the occasion). Champagne (our friends in Beirut always opened a bottle of champagne at special occasions, and this became our way both of celebrating and of commemorating our life in Lebanon). And glasses made with a special Chinese technique (a special memory from our life in China). And after drinking up most of the champagne and eating the donut, we then had some good, adult fun (yep, I'm still keeping a slightly prudish attitude towards writing about my own sex life, despite not having any problems writing about fetish parties, circuit parties, porn festivals, in-your-face trans* performances, etc. etc.).

I was happy. It was simple. And it served as a nice prelude to what will be the real anniversary celebration. Which is why I'm leaving all the writing about what it actually means to celebrate 14 years together. Its ups and downs. The adventures, both good and bad. Right now, it's all about food, toasts, and feeling good. And getting excited about what's ahead.

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