Sunday, May 10, 2015

nostalgia and truth

Last weekend was pretty intense, I realize now. There was not only plenty of partying (for me! see my previous post), but we also had for lunch some stuff we had bought at a Lebanese place we stumbled upon in the Colonia Roma Norte. We had pita bread, hummus, labneh, baklava, sumac for our salad (which we made with fresh tomatoes, green leaves, radish)... And then I put music from the Idan Raichel Project as background. Granted, Idan's group is from Israel, but the rhythms are unmistakeably Middle-Eastern. And then, all of a sudden, our enjoyment of our food was heightened by memories and a bit of nostalgia from that time in our lives when we lived in Beirut... Living there was not easy, for sure, but it's a nice thing that most that remains are good memories and a feeling that we miss the place...

And to add to that, at night we went to a performance of La Verità, directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca. We had seen Daniele's pieces before, once in Mexico a good very many years ago. Then again in Lebanon at the Beiteddine Festival. So it was nice to see this "old friend" again. But this piece I enjoyed way more than the others. The previous ones had a clearer narrative, even a slightly melodramatic one. Here, there was a storyline, yes, but it was much more subtle, and the imagery he used way more dreamy and fantastic, at times even apparently random. Plus there was a much stronger circus take on this, with amazing and brilliantly choreographed acrobatics, juggling and the like. If you have a chance to see this or any other pieces by Daniele, you must absolutely do so. They're beautiful!  

And that was not all, Sunday was also a day of experiences! But of course, that'll have to go in the next post. It's funny how I'm genuinely surprised at how much we do on certain weekends!

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