Thursday, May 21, 2015

IDAHOT Mexico City 2015

Sunday was the International Day Against LGBTQphobia. OK, I'm lying. Sort of. In Mexico it's officially know as the International Day Against Homophobia. But frankly, can we limit ourselves to combating just one kind of discrimination? Granted, this was its original name, but it's been expanding as we become more aware of who discrimination affects and as we become more inclusive. So there, against LGBTQphobia. Deal with it.

Anyhow, there weren't that many events in the city marking the day, but there was one happening not far from our place: a kiss in in front of the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

See that photo above? That's what the kiss in is about. Non-heteronormative couples kiss in public, so everybody can see, so people can take photos and share, and so we can fight discrimination through in-your-face visibility. On the one hand it was amazing to see so many young people participate. It's exciting to see them being so political! On the other hand, I can't but wonder if their level of activism isn't driven by the discrimination and exclusion they still experience in their personal and professional lives...

Still, I was there, with a purple pashmina on my neck (purple was the colour of the event), along with my habib and a friend, supporting with our presence, documenting with our cameras, doing our own tiny insignificant bit by kissing very publicly, and celebrating.

Looking forward to more, bigger events next year!

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