Friday, May 08, 2015

a crazy Friday

I don't go out at night that much. Nor do I stay out that late when I do. Really. But it seems last weekend I all set to compensate! First, we found there was this party called Limonada Ácida Fest at a bar in the centre of town (Bahía Bar). Organized by the Compañía Historia de A E I O U (an independent theatre company, woohoo!), with live tattooing (awesome!), cabaret, craft beer (craft beer! at a party!), varied music, and a more queer crowd than usual. We were beyond thrilled!

By the time we got home, the habib was more than ready to go to sleep. Me, on the other hand, was feeling super charged! And then, just half a block from home, we came across a friend. Who started talking about this place where we could go dancing, a really popular (not as in famous, but as in as far from hipster as possible) cantina also in the centre of the city. With drag queen shows! I signed up immediately, and my habib wished us the best and headed back home. Now, I was originally just going for a beer and a bit of a dance but...

Well, we arrived to Cantinita el 33. A really bare place. Very crowded. Craft beer was practically forbidden. It had a dark room upstairs (what bars have dark rooms anymore!?). And quite frankly it was a death trap, with only a small, narrow, single door I could spot as main access and exit. But hey, the atmosphere was somewhat surreal, we did get to see a performance by a drag queen, and we even got to finish a beer before we decided to leave, as the place got so impossible crowded we were getting pushed around! Quite an experience. I guess sort of a mixed one. But what was weird is that the place was a sort of time vortex, 'cause all of a sudden we had spent some two hours there without realizing!

By the time we left, there were not just two of us (my bud and me), but nine! We came across three of my friend's friends, who were accompanied by four others (all from abroad). Nobody was ready to call it a night, but it was physically impossible to enter the 33 again. So we headed to another place - The Diamond... Which you entered through this very enticing entrance, probably left this way to make police think the place had already closed down instead of staying open past regulation time... 

And what did we find there? A crowd that was a mix of trans people and norteños (you know, guys from the north of Mexico, with hats and boots and all the accoutrements). Being entertained by a drag queen doing Paquita la del Barrio, a very famous Mexican singer. Paquita is not known for her sweet mouth, but this drag queen could have made her blush! LOL

After that, I was done, but we still headed for a walk around Garibaldi, a square full of bars and full of... mariachis for hire! tons of them!

And sometime before dawn I made it back home. Probably having witnessed in one night more law violations than I had since I arrived to Mexico eight months ago, having seen live tattooing, and cabaret, and drag queen performances surrounded by interestingly peculiar crowds... Yep, I had been wanting a different "clubbing" experience, and get it I did!

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