Friday, May 01, 2015

of bagels and smoothies!

Damn, here it goes again, food. It's a miracle I'm not twice as heavy when so many of my pleasant experiences involve eating, eh? Last weekend was no exception. Although I can say, as an excuse, that this search for food was in part a measure to comfort me after an exhibition we had seen (I'll write about that in my next post) that had left me rather perturbed.

Anyhow, much as we are always on the look for non acidic, good espresso (I have nothing against acidic coffee, except that I just don't like it and it seems to be the preferred kind of coffee here!), we're also always on the look for a much rarer item: the good bagel. So when we spotted this - by then closed for the day - bagel place, I made it a point of visiting again for lunch. And so we did and went to A Vuelta de Bagel.   

Frankly, I was not too crazy about the filling, the grilled veggies were too soaked in either a sort of vinaigrette or oil or something. But the bagel was good! Gotta go back, give them another chance, and eat my bagel with something else, or plain! Damn you Toronto, I had no special love of bagels before you, and now they're a sort of holy grail!

And since we were in the area - all this is in the Colonia Roma Norte which, by the way, has become a fantastic place for walks and eating and coffee! - we tried this smoothie place called Mora Mora inside a renovated old house with a huge jacaranda tree in the middle. Pretty! And I got to have a coffee, coconut, date and cacao nibs smoothie. A bit weird (fibery?), but refreshing on that hot day. I'll be going back here to try something else too.  

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