Sunday, March 15, 2015

vegan brunch is back in our lives!

You might remember there was this place in Toronto (Fresh on Spadina) where we used to have brunch Sundays. It was vegan. It was nearby. It was damn good. 

Well, 6 months after leaving Toronto, we've finally found a fantastic candidate for our Sunday brunches! Volver, in the ever more hip Roma Norte neighbourhood. Mind you, it's not a vegan restaurant per se, but the vegan selection sure rivals all other vegetarian/vegan stuff I've found! Plus, the place is nice, the area is nice, and there are options on the menu for me!!! Yay!  

We started with vegan waffles with berries and peanut butter. Crazy filling, and good. I'm not raving about it just yet because I fear the memory of my Fresh on Spadina pancakes is still fresh in my memory, and waffles seem sort of funny compared to pancakes. But I'm coming back for more! Or maybe for the vegan enchiladas? or the day's vegan special? and a vegan shake? So happy to have found this place!

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