Saturday, February 28, 2015

Of dragons and goats and memories

For some 10 years straight we've been celebrating Chinese New Year one way or the other. First because, well, we were in China for so long! I mean, how NOT to celebrate, right? Sure, at the beginning it was sort of funny. But with the years, it became as or even more important than the "western" new year.  Then, after leaving China for Canada, we definitely missed that special time, so we made sure we'd gather friends (even those who had no experience with Chinese culture) and go have hearty Chinese food and lots of dumplings and celebrate.

This was my first time in Mexico. Sadly, the huz was away. Happily, the motek wasn't away too and joined me and a small group of friends I gathered (like back in Canada!). Unfortunately, the dumplings were really subpar. But what matters is the company, they say? Which was way above par! Plus, before all this, I got to see a dragon dance and, frankly, if anything compensated the food and made my Chinese New Year, it was this:

We're around the middle of the celebrations (this is the ninth day, time for prayers to the Jade Emperor!), six more days for the last day, the Lantern festival! And, though it is indeed a bit late for these greetings, Happy Spring Festival! 羊年大吉!

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