Wednesday, January 21, 2015

dancing at Plaza de la Ciudadela

This city keeps springing surprises on us! Saturday we were just walking towards one of our favourite cafés. It's quite a walk, but then by the time we get there we feel no guilt about having muffins and the like, right?

Anyhow, we followed a different route, to keep the walk interesting, and we got to the Plaza de la Ciudadela, which is a couple hundred years old.  And what did we find there? Dancing! Hundreds of people dancing in groups! Though there were some younger couples, most everybody was older, and plenty were dressed in their finest!

We stayed quite a bit there because, well, the music was pretty enjoyable, and it was wonderful to see all these people just enjoying a Sunday afternoon dancing in public, rocking their now-considered-vintage clothes and being pretty sensual.

Super happy when these things happen to us!

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