Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Jewish Film Festival... in Mexico City!

In Toronto I went to many editions of the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. I loved it because that meant a very international and diverse selection of films since, after all, Jews live basically everywhere, immersed in many different cultures, and in contact with many other groups. So how could such festival's offer not run the whole gamut?

Obviously, the moment I found info on Mexico City's Jewish film festival (Festival Internacional de Cine Judío de la Ciudad de México), going through its 12th edition, I got ready to buy plenty of tickets for as many screenings! Alas, Mexico City's was much smaller than Toronto's - some 10 films vs around a 100. Even worse, I had seen FOUR of those in Toronto's one! In the end, I got tickets for just two films. It felt so weird going to so few screenings, but at least these were two very fine choices!


First of all, we were enthralled by this film because it was set mostly in Lebanon, and it was done well! I don't know where it was filmed, but it sure conveyed Lebanonness to us! It's not too dark a film, but it's not a happy one, either. With many layers to it, it really shows how Palestinians were truly in Limbo, from whichever side you looked at it. If you know just enough history, you'll realize how the story stops short of another sad episode in Palestinian history, perpetrated by the Lebanese no less. A very good film. 

My Awkward Sexual Adventure

And then, there was this one. Granted, I chose it partly because it was Canadian. But we found out only until it began that it was set in Toronto!  Man, we miss that city! and its people! and Canadian culture... We were really happy watching it. Plus, the way Canadians handle sexuality (in this case, the sexuality of an awkward Manitoban Jew who finds himself taking some life lessons from a stripper) is simply delightful. Loved it! Go Canada! 

Looking forward to next year's festival, and hoping they'll choose more films I haven't seen yet!

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