Monday, December 22, 2014

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Unsurprisingly, the holiday season offers plenty of opportunities for eating (btw, if I keep publishing about food here, I might have to re-brand this as a food blog instead of a travel blog! LOL).  And when it comes to holiday eating, it also gives you a chance to get close to tradition.

So yesterday, at a family lunch that lasted for... some seven hours - yes, in Mexico, holiday feasts are quite the lengthy affairs! - it was nice to have again a few things I used to love as child, like...

Dried fruit and marzipan!

What holiday season could be complete without these two?  Mexico no doubt inherited its love for dried fruit and marzipan from the Spaniards.  I think I had like 5 or 6 pieces of marzipan myself, it was almost embarrassing seeing all that wrapping crumpled next to my plate!


Yes, I'll admit it, as a child my parents didn't mind us having a bit of alcoholic beverages during the holidays.  Cider, eggnog, anis... Just a bit.  But a bit, nevertheless.  But yesterday was particularly special, as the anis we drank was made by an aunt following a recipe from her husband, from Spain, who passed away years ago.  It was thick, sweet.  And definitely very characteristic.   

Of course, a 7 hour family reunion included a lot more than these two.  But I'll leave some of the others for another post.  Here I just wanted to reminisce a bit about old, sweet flavours from my childhood, during an afternoon of being close to family.

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