Monday, December 08, 2014


Another super brief trip took me to the amazing city of Oaxaca.  If you want colonial architecture, indigenous culture, pre-Hispanic ruins, gorgeous crafts, and nature, you have to head to Oaxaca (both the city and the state).  But I didn't get to experience any of that this time.  Just the food.  But that was so good...

At La Biznaga, a restaurant in the historic centre, I got to try...

A local craft porter?  Really?  Whoa!  Tierra Ahumada.  And not bad at all!

Of course, going to Oaxaca and not trying mezcal is like going to Münich and not having any beer.   I had this fantastic local espadín ahumado.  That is, a mezcal made from espadín agave (which is one of some 20 approved agave varieties for mezcal production), slightly smokey in character (ahumado). Very very nice.  As in very.   

Lest you think it's all about drinking, there was also this soup here - sopa de guía!  I wish I could explain better what it had, but I had never had it and I had no idea what one of the ingredients was. But it was vegan, and you add fresh watercress and squeeze some lime in.  And it's simply one of the best soups I've ever tried. A total must.

Yay Oaxaca!

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