Sunday, December 14, 2014

Chilaquiles divorciados!

No, I swear, people in Mexico City don't eat typically Mexican food all the time, every single day. But I do see it appearing on my table far more often than I expected!  LOL 

That thing you see - in my oh so elegant take away tray - are chilaquiles divorciados with frijoles refritos.   Which means, tortilla bits covered with sauce (real, good, tasty Mexican sauce, not the salsa you get at restaurants abroad).  They're divorced (divorciados), which means red sauce is used for one half and green sauce for the other half.  And they came with refried beans (usually made from black beans prepared into a rather dense paste).  And some red onion.   Pretty vegan, super tasty. And yeah, so stereotypical.  But totes nom nom nevertheless.  A job well done, El Hijo de Don Toribio.

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