Saturday, December 13, 2014

a tour in the Zona Rosa

Last week it was Zona Rosa's turn for an LGBTQ tour, similar to the one we made around República de Cuba back in September.

So, the Zona Rosa (or Pink Zone).  This part of Mexico City has been considered a queer area since... well, since I have memory.  Of course, as Mexico City has become more liberal and progressive, both in laws and attitudes, this area has acquired a notable reputation for tolerance, not only of queer people but of urban tribes.

Obviously, we could only do a few of the places, there are so many!  And the fact that they're in such proximity to each other and that few charge for entry means you can easily do bar/club hopping, which for me would be one of Zona Rosa's principal strong points.

Among the numerous places you can go to, there's...

Papi. The name says it all.  Almost.  A very young crowd.  Mostly local pop.  And the occasional "daddy" (papi).  

Nicho.  Fancy bears?    

El Vaquero.  Perfect for you to strut around in your cowboy boots and hat.  Shame I forgot to take a photo!

La Botica.  I've mentioned this place before.  A mezcalería (that is, they have a huge mezcal selection).  A karaoke bar.  With the occasional drag queen show (which includes singing karaoke). Spicy toasted broad beans.  And orange slices with chile powder to accompany your mezcal.  One of my favourite places.  

You may or may not like some of the bars.  Or the music.  Or the beer selection.  But the fact that you can freely walk around without having the tiniest worry in the world about being identified as queer is, frankly, exhilarating and, sadly, still a rare thing in most of the world.

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