Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sparring Sky

This is why you have to surround yourself by a diverse group of people - they let you know about stuff you wouldn't otherwise have found out about or wouldn't have tried out!

Such was the case mid-November when we went to see Sparring Sky by Delfos at the Teatro de la Ciudad.  They were giving but two presentations.  I had never heard of them.  But I happen to know a former member (who not long ago presented his own piece) and, voilà! there we were!

So, Sparring Sky.  Fantastic.  The dancers have this very peculiar style that reminds you of tribes, of animal herds or avian flocks.  In my eyes, the group flows gracefully between mundane imagery, kink references, and a touch of alien-like animalness...  Pretty cool, in my humble opinion.  Check out their website (click here), and maybe catch a performance?

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