Wednesday, November 05, 2014

more food and sights in the historic centre!

By now you're probably slightly fed up with this blog (IF you're a regular reader, of course), since now I'm publishing practically on a daily basis.  But Mexico is very colourful, I haven't lived here on a permanent basis for many many years, and there's just so much stuff, so much has changed, and on top of that I can't get enough of the Centro Histórico (historic centre) of Mexico City!  Which is why here's yet another post on a Sunday afternoon walking this historical part of town:


You can't imagine my surprise when I saw this police station (yes, a police station!) and my mind suddenly creamed "Toronto"!  Though there's a number of buildings in this style in Toronto, it's extremely rare to find this here.  Not your ordinary police station, eh?

from cigarettes to churches 

I took this photo because it loved the combination of ads, church domes, and the telecommunications tower.  That building in the centre of the picture with the red dome?  That was a cigarette factory from the end of the 19th century! "El Buen Tono".  And the photos below?  The factory was next to an old convent and church that had been vacated, so the owners of the factory demolished the convent for factory space and demolished the church to build a new one: the Temple of our Lady of Guadalupe.  Except everybody knew and knows it as the Church of El Buen Tono!  You can imagine how successful the company was from looking at the beautiful interior of the church.  Simply gorgeous.

of the native upon the foreign

OK, truth be told, I've found no information on what I'm going to say, and I could be dead wrong.  If I ever find something that confirms or refutes this, I'll change it.  So, this tower you see here, that's part of the Temple of Felipe Neri, from the beginning of the 17th century.  What's fascinating - and for what I have no info - is that the decoration seemed to me, from the ground, as a mix of indigenous elements and spanish ones.  That's nothing new with Spanish colonial architecture, or with American colonial architecture in general.  In any case, I loved this tower, no matter what the influence on its style may have been.  

Nom nom.  Definitely nom nom.

Of course, we had to get hungry at some point.  So we decided to try an institution when it comes to food in the historic centre: El Cardenal (The Cardinal).  I had been here on a previous trip, but not the huz.  I mean, not only is the building beautiful, but the service is impeccable and the food is delicious!  And they don't flinch a bit when I try to veganize my order!  And I mean, agave blossom tacos?  And the fideos secos al chipotle (dry noodles with chipotle sauce), which I've come to love so much, were Goldilocks perfect - not too spicy, not too bland: not too soupy, not too dry.  Yum! 

alleys, alleys!

Last, but not least, I simply adore walking around and suddenly coming across these alleys.  What can I say.  I just love them.  

The historic centre is, unsurprisingly, huge and dense and complex.  Expect many, many more posts from this part of town.

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