Monday, November 24, 2014

Land of the Morning Calm - Odds and Ends

I'm afraid this is the post where everything else I couldn't place in a narrative of sorts falls in.  So it's gonna be messy, and it's gonna be random.

Here it goes!

Flying in, flight out!

The views when flying to and away from Seoul were gorgeous.  On the way there, the rugged red-tinged mountains with a soft cloud cover were amazing.  On the way to the airport for my return flight, the big orange blob the sun was rose slowly over the sea, casting a long orange-red reflection on the grey water (no pics to prove that, take my word or else!).  On the flight out, the famous mud flats shone nice under the sun.  

Honouring the dead

304 people died in the sinking of the MV Sewol on April 16th.  This is obviously an open wound and people are still mourning and expressing anger in public spaces over the horrible loss of so many young students.

Unneighbourly neighbours...

The subway system, which boasts the biggest train cars I've ever seen, also doubles as refuge in case of a chemical or nuclear attack by the crazy regime up north (how unPC of me; also - it's an effed up regime, so whatever).  Screens in the stations show, between ordinary pop and make-up ads, instructions on what to do in case of attack.  And shelter signs appear in Korean, Chinese and English (phew!).

Sup, handsome... woof!

Just check these übercute dogs stretching or "checking things out" at this pet shop, one in a long row of pet-shops along one street.  Awww...

Oy, Kolya!

Need a loaf of true Russian bread?  Need to buy it in Russian? Along with some Armenian vodka or South-Moldavian wine?  There's a Russian-speaking district for that!  Na zdorovye!

Fresh is sometimes too fresh

This obsession with having things so fresh they're almost alive when they hit your plate... and when it comes to animals as intelligent as squid... what a shame.  Sad.

Why do my chestnuts taste fishy?

No, really, why do my roasted chestnuts have to be right next to dried octopus bits and fish who-knows-whats?

But the views!

The squid and octopus tragedy notwithstanding, what lovely views of the Sungnyemun gate at night and of the city with the mountains around.  Really really nice.  

And this is the end of my Seoul posts.  Korea, I shall be back!

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