Friday, October 17, 2014

Karaoke with Maruca

I've talked about La Botica before, this mezcalería where I've been enjoying very diverse mezcals and delicious Mexican snacks.  Well, La Botica seems to take on a bit of the character of the surrounding areas.  For example, the one in Coyoacán - the one I've been blogging about - has an interesting combination of hipsters and hippies.  The one in Zona Rosa... Well, the Zona Rosa or Pink District is, as you can gather from the name, the LGBTQ district par excellence of Mexico City.  And what can you find here?  First, it has this cantina or saloon feeling, thanks to the swinging doors.  Then, the clientele is visibly LGBTQ (and allies).   Last, and most definitely not least, the night we went there was this fantastic drag queen - La Maruca - dressed up in a style that strongly reminded me of Dalida (an Egyptian-Italian singer of the 60's - 80's) and who with great flair interpreted a number of sentimental Mexican songs using the place's karaoke!   So much fun!  

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