Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Fruta cristalizada (crystallized fruit)

You'll excuse me if so many entries seem to be about food.  But with Mexican cuisine declared an intangible heritage of humanity by the UNESCO, it only stands to reason that many of the experiences I want to share here are food-related, right?

So, what's this delicious stuff here?  Fruta cristalizada!  Which translates as crystallized fruit.  And how do you "crystallize" it?  Well, you place the fruit for a day in water with calcium oxide (quicklime), then the next day you place it in either a sort of sugar syrup or in piloncillo (a kind of sugar cane syrup).  And voilà!   

I won't deny this is sugar-intense, but those limes filled with coconut?  THE. BEST.  (the others are pineapple, sweetsop or sugar apple, and pear)

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