Sunday, September 07, 2014

the very last gifts from Toronto

I still have a couple of posts pending from our very last couple of days in Toronto (plus the last posts from our trip to Scotland, darn!)... but be patient, you'll be seeing posts from Chilangolandia - slang for Mexico City - in the near future.

Toronto is a city we experienced fully during our five years there.  Here are three things that were, pretty much, the very last ones (that is, in the last day or two before leaving):

A good bagel! With delicious olives, tomato, pickles and cucumber.  A very simple pleasure, indeed. And how I loved it at a place we used to go to:  What a Bagel

A funny shop called Mindzai with Japanese and weird items , and where we had bought - guess what - some queer (as in LGBT) matrioshka dolls!  That was before the Sochi Olympics when all this homophobic legislation was being passed in Russia, so there was no way we were not getting those dolls!

And best of all - a glimpse at autumn colours!  Summer was short, and with too many too cold days, and that made trees start changing colour way ahead of schedule! Bad for summer lovers, but a moving and meaningful thing to see...   

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