Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paella and the Roma Norte

One of our friends just happens to cook a fantastic paella.  A paella so good, he says - and why not believe him - he won a prize for best taste at a paella competition in Spain itself.  And no matter what, his paella was truly good.  How do I know?  Well, I removed all the animal bits - the mussels, the pork, the shrimp, the sausage, the "what the hell is that thing" - and all I was left with was with rice, red peppers, and string beans.  And it was oh still sooo tasty!  Plus, this was at La Chicha, a place in the Roma Norte, a district of Mexico City full of big old houses, a few pretty tree-lined squares, and tons of cafés, bistros and interesting and neighbourhood-style corners.  Not to be missed, neither Paco's paella nor this part of town. 

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