Monday, September 29, 2014

food and colour

Mexico is super colourful. And Coyoacán, a beautiful colonial part of the city of which I've talked a number of times in the past, particularly so. 

These are some photos from around the Independence Day festivities.  Above is a tree covered in knit thingies, and below are my beloved quesadillas from the Coyoacán Market (Mercado de Coyoacán). And, by the way, even though quesadilla is derived from the word "queso" (cheese), in Mexico City it's not rare at all to ask for a quesadilla without cheese.  In fact, chances are you'll be asked if you want yours with or without cheese if you don't specify that yourself!

Anyhow, the first one is squash blossom (flor de calabaza) with green salsa.  The second one is button mushrooms (champiñones) with red salsa, and the last one is my favourite, corn smut (huitlacoche) with green salsa.  On corn tortillas.   Too good.

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