Wednesday, September 17, 2014

100% Mexican Nom Nom

My first weekend in Mexico City saw me enjoying a fantastic and very Mexican meal with many things I adore!

- Micheladas, which is beer with lime juice and a salt rim.
- Huitlacoche, which is a sort of fungus that grows on corn. It's an acquired taste, for sure, and I absolutely love it!
- Flor de calabaza, or squash blossom.  Mix it with some mushrooms, some onion... delish!
- Nopal tortillas, or tortillas made from cactus.  Can't have a meal like this without tortillas to make tacos, eh?
- Nopal envuelto en hierba santa, or cactus wrapped in holy leaf, which gives it an incredible aroma and flavour.
- Salsas!  Red salsa, green salsa, super spicy, super tasty.
- And, of course, avocado.  

And afterwards, how about a Oaxaca (that's an incredibly culturally rich state of Mexico) chocolate sorbet in traditional Coyoacán (a very colonial part of Mexico City)?  So rich, like a brownie made ice-cream, but vegan!  Oh my!

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