Sunday, August 31, 2014

of towers, chocolate and diversity

By now you're probably a bit fed up with my farewell posts.  But you know what?  It's me who's leaving a place I've called home for five years and, after all, this is a sort of personal diary, which means it can get repetitive, boring, annoying or whatever because it's that, a kind of diary.  So I apologize, but I don't apologize.  [GRIN]

Anyhow, Saturday was full of interesting moments, like a last look at a view we enjoyed from our apartment countless times of a tower that, believe it or now, I'll miss.  And sipping dense, thick, spicy chocolate from SOMA Chocolatemakers.  And getting less common literature from super welcoming sex-shop Come as You Are.  A few tears, sweet-bitterness, and diversity.  Frankly, not bad at all.  

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