Tuesday, August 26, 2014

more Toronto farewells - music, diners and sesame balls

Pretty close to leaving Toronto now, but still enjoying plenty of it nevertheless!

Saturday we finally took the advice of a good friend and headed for The Communist's Daughter, a bar on Dundas St W.   Wow, how did we not come here before!?  It's super intimate, as it only seats about 20; the band was amazing, and it was so cool to be that close to the artists; and they had a delicious stout on tap.   And the singer, Ori Dagan - he's got the voice, and he's got the personality - check him out if you live in Toronto!  We spent an incredible couple of hours there. Loved it!

From there, we headed to another special spot - a diner that's been serving Toronto since 1932, The Lakeview.  Maybe it's the feeling I won't find a place like this in a long time, but the stout (the same one I had at The Communist's Daughter) and the deep friend pickles, plus the atmosphere, made me very happy.   (yeah, I know what you're thinking, "it wasn't the place, it was the stouts"; whatever) 

"What's this?" you'll ask.  Nothing special, actually.  Toronto's not a pretty city.  I mean, it's not beautiful.  But I find it incredibly interesting, and I've more than enjoyed my years here.  So here's an ordinary view, just because I don't need to make her pretty to love her.

Our last stop was Furama, on Spadina, for a sesame ball with red bean paste!  Nom nom nom! Having access to these very typically Chinese desserts was one of the highlights of living here, for sure.  I mean, sesame balls? really???  

Thanks for the amazing music scene, for the stereotypically - in a good way - North American experiences, and your übertasty diversity.

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