Sunday, August 10, 2014

a delightful Toronto Saturday

Enjoying Toronto knowing we'll soon leave...  a Saturday of simple pleasures... espresso on cute cups at Red Eye Espresso, where you're encouraged to use crayons to sketch and express yourself

...Shandong cold noodles, like you can only get in Shandong, with some chit chat in Chinese, at Noodle Face

...a brief concert of Greek music on Bloor St

...finding great finds in old books (and a Yiddish dictionary) at BMV

...refuelling again with the thickest foamed macchiatos at Aroma

...watching a superb documentary on Torontonian and gay magician and skeptic debunker James Randi, while sipping the local Mill Street Cobblestone Stout

Simple pleasures.  A happy Saturday.

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