Friday, July 11, 2014

WorldPride because AWESOME

OK, let's have a break from the more serious WorldPride posts.  Sunday 29th was the last, and biggest, celebration - the WorldPride Parade!  We watched the parade for some 3 hours, and we must have seen just over half of it!   It was huge!  And just about everybody participated! Universities, unions, government services, night clubs, nudists, polyamorists, the leather community, the Ismaili community, the Thais, the Chinese, the African community, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, libraries, the Indian community, gamers, all sorts of sports clubs and leagues... Everybody!   With some 12000 participants, over 280 floats and over a million visitors, this was one massive party indeed!  

We later moved to Dundas Square for the closing ceremony, which was one incredible event too. And then we headed to the Village for more partying, and went looking for poutine... But that''ll be for my next post, because I want to keep this post simple and celebratory, because like I said - AWESOME!   

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