Saturday, July 05, 2014

Trans* artists ROCK!

In case you found my previous post a bit too serious or dramatic (but, honestly, the Trans* March? RESPECT!) here's this one.  Because, you know, once you've made your point about human rights, homelessness, inclusion, non-discrimination and all those things where society still lags behind when it comes to trans* people... you're allowed to party!

Of course, if you're going to celebrate trans* people (and please do look at my previous post, because the list of what kind of people the Trans* March welcomes is fairly big and inclusive), what better way than to do it with simply amazing trans* people?  What a no brainer, eh?

So, what were these trans*-flag-waving crowds filling Dundas Square shaking and moving to?

First of all, The Cliks!   A Canadian (yay!) rock band, led by super sexy guitarist and vocalist Lucas Silveira, a transguy with an unbelievable deep and velvety voice.  Oh, and if you're wondering, Cliks is a portmanteau of the words clit and dicks.  Yep.  And they rock.  And (AND!) I got to meet Lucas in person!   Because, by pure chance (well, more like by the benevolence of someone I met) we had access to the VIP area, and Lucas came by!   Absolutely awesome!

After The Cliks, we had a light moment with host S. Bear Bergman, another transguy, an author, poet and theatre artist.  I've only read two of his books: "Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation" (co-written with Kate Bornstein) and "The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You".  You should really go for one of his books and take a dip into the trans side of things.   Anyhow, since he wasn't allowed swear words, he just substituted them with Ford (as in Rob Ford, of crack smoking fame). And he partially stripped.  And (here comes another AND!) I also got to meet him!  In fact, when I asked if I could have my photo taken with him, he asked "do you want to do something funny?". After I accepted, he proceeded to lift me in his arms!   This guy is super funny, his books are great, and he's as approachable as anyone could be.   Nice choice for a host!

To finish the event, there was this band I had never heard of:  Against Me!, a Florida punk rock band led by guitarist and transwoman vocalist Laura Jane Grace.  You might be wondering why I insist on saying whether any of these artists are transmen or transwomen, but they themselves identify openly as transgender and it's my duty not to render them invisible when they have made themselves pretty visible (and role models for a number of transgender people, by the way). Anyhow, Against Me!, wow, such energy!   Laura really knows how to get an audience jumping and clapping and lifting each other in the air! (you might have to watch the vid at the end of this post to the end).  She and her band were truly amazing, so thank you WorldPride and Trans Pride for introducing us to them!

I also met transwoman activist Lexi Sanfino, who I had seen perform at the End of the World party (see this post here) and who had absolutely no qualms about showing her breasts for the camera (sorry, I'm not posting that here).   

All in all, an incredible party, with incredible artists, for incredible people.  A super cool Trans* Pride!

PS.  That photo at the top is my stamp for entering the VIP.  It's an asterisk, used after the word "trans" (as in "trans*) to indicate a wider variety of identities beyond transman and transwoman, like gender fluid, genderqueer, two spirit, bigender, etc. etc.

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