Monday, July 14, 2014

Trade - WorldPride edition

WorldPride was over Sunday July 29th.  But that didn't mean the partying stopped.  It just became a bit more subdued, with more parties Monday, albeit starting earlier and of a more relaxed nature.  I dragged my tired self to one of them - Trade, at a bar called Black Eagle - a party on a rooftop to enjoy the summer sun, a brewski, in gym shorts, and in a sex positive atmosphere. 

Now, about that last part which may or may not have raised an eyebrow or two... There's something straight culture in general could learn from LGBT culture, or - to use Toronto as example - at least from urban North American queer culture: sex positivity.   Though the more conservative people might simply interpret this as pure, debased debauchery, sex positivity simply means that human sexuality and sexual exploration are celebrated and accepted, within a framework of consent, safety and freedom.  Seriously, does that sound unreasonable at all?

Anyhow, back to Trade.  Was it like an orgy? Did everyone have to engage in sex?  No.  And no. As hard as it may be to imagine for someone who hasn't been to sex positive parties before, the majority of people simply relaxed after a good many days of partying, danced to good music, chatted with old friends and made new ones, basked in a very pleasant afternoon sun, had a few cold beers, and some - just some - played with others in a consenting, congenial, sexy, laid back atmosphere.  Although something tells me that no matter whichever way I may write this, I'm sure it still sounds to some as the dirtiest, raunchiest, unhealthy, disgusting thing in the world...  

Still, I couldn't finish my WorldPride posts without some praise to this aspect of LGBT culture in Toronto which, frankly, seems healthy, liberating, fun, and simply essentially human.  Bravo Toronto, and thanks for an unbelievably good, fun, diverse, rich, inclusive, sexy, and meaningful WorldPride!

The End

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